Born in the 1970s, I live in Tokyo and work for an IT equipment manufacturing company. I am from Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, and have a wife and a son and a daughter. I don’t have a pet, but I love big cats.

I call myself a 'travel planning specialist’. I enjoy traveling alone (sometimes with my family) and am always planning trips.

Thanks to you, my Google Maps skills have improved and I’m a little more confident. Although I have nothing to do with the company’s work, my love of travel has led me to obtain a qualification as a travel service manager.

As a result of thinking that this qualification could be effectively used for something, I arrived at the information dissemination on the blog.

I have never been very good at writing, but I’m going to keep trying. In this blog, I would like to make use of my travel experience so far to provide useful travel information that is not found in guidebooks, and sometimes even somewhat maniacal information.

I would appreciate it if I could help relieve the worries of those who feel uneasy about traveling alone.


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